Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Santa,

I am so blessed in my life...I haven't a single need for myself, really. I have three beautiful, healthy children, a husband who I adore, a weiner dog who guards & protects my family as if he were a pit bull...I could go on & on about how lucky I am, I am so appreciative of the blessings I have been given.

However, there are a few folks in my family who insist on buying gifts even when I INSIST it's not, I wanted to help them out. I hope you might read my blog & find a few things from my list to add to my stocking. Please feel free to pass this info along to my relatives too. A few of them think (have implied) that I am IMPOSSIBLE to buy for (a simple girl like me, can you believe that!?!?)....

anyway...Thank you, Santa!
With love from your friend,

p.s. I have been good this year, I tried really hard!
p.s.s. I'll leave the cookies & milk up high & not under the tree like last year...Smokey still feels badly, he thought they were for him! ;)

Ok, here goes...
Santa, baby...please bring me some....
Jewelry...I would LOVE me some Brighton (like these)

I am in need of cute, comfy PJ's...

I LOVE these from Garnet Hill...the Asian Wrap Long-Sleeve Pajamas (Pink/Green Water Lilies are my fave)

and some Boiled Wool Mules (pink, size 8)

or some like these, you can find them HERE.

I would LOVE a big fat gift card to Sephora, but if you're not a GC fan I would use:
A little Juicy Couture goodness...

So Gleamy Hair Shine Mist
Shamperfect (Shampoo)
or Royal Body Creme

I also need some Kitchen Goods...yeah, I know I could go buy these myself...but I don't & so I am in need (and they can come from anywhere, these are just examples of need):

I also could use some Arbonne (a mama's got to smell good on the go, you know) ;)

What I REALLY, REALLY would like to have are these babies:

and because I'm still learning...Scott Kelby’s The Adobe Photoshop CS3 Book

Because I am a jacket junkie & this one is so, so yummmmmmy....I would love to have one of my very own Patagonia® Synchilla® Plush Jacket (size Small, please).

and last but certainly not least...the new Tiffany setting that I've been dreaming of...NOT the big stone, just the setting. (hey, a girl can dream right?!?!) ;)

Thank you, Santa Sir... ;)

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