Friday, October 17, 2008

Zoo Adventures...

We had a couple of hours left after doing our errands & appointments on Wednesday, so sweet cousin Emily & I took the little darlings to the Zoo!

The weather was INCREDIBLE & the kids had the best time hanging out together (which is a nice change from the usual scrapping & fighting that they do here around the house).

Big O was the perfect big brother, making sure that E saw all the hidden animals...

But, Miss O wanted to make sure they saw something pretty instead! Bahaha!

We ate a quick snack (did I mention this was a super expensive snack...the prices at the concession stand....ROBBERY, I tell ya!!)

And, yet...ANOTHER Failed Attempt to get all three in one picture...*sigh*

Down at the Critter Encounters/animal petting area, the O's jumped right in & started brushing goats & loving on the animals...E was just not sure about these furry creatures!

He politely agrees to use ONE finger...ROTFL!!

And before long he was loving on the billy goats just like the rest of the kids...

(the O's hooting & laughing because E decided to brush HIS OWN hair with the goat brushes...)

E ended up LOVING the Critter Encounters area...

Before we headed home we stopped in the bird house real quick to feed the Rainbow's ALWAYS crowded in there, but today we had the cage almost all to ourselves!

and lastly...after we took Emily home & picked up Lil Smokey (yes, our dog is so spoiled he has to go on playdates when we do...he stayed at Em's house with her weiners: Bandit & Tootsie)...

I looked in the side mirror while driving home to see HOW could I NOT get a picture!

Too Funny!!

It was a really fun day, I'm glad we went (THANK YOU, EM...couldn't have gone without you)!

Oh & if you're loving those fun tees that the kids have on, do check out Amy's site to find them & MORE!

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Jessica said...

What fun and adorable kids you have! I have to say that the last picture in this post is fantastic. O with your dog sticking their heads out the window is just classic. Great capture through the mirror! I loved it!!!


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