Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yummy Caramel Apples!

The kids & I LOVE, LOVE caramel apples...Big O has been talking about them lately, so I thought I would try to make some (that was the answer to anyone who asked "WHY are you making those?"...just to see if I can). ;)

I searched for an easy recipe online & found THIS ONE. When I was searching for the individually wrapped caramels at the store, I lucked up & found these wonderful caramel nuggets perfect for melting & then of course consulted this fab HOW TO page for further melting instructions.

While the O's were still at school, E was all excited & helped me wash all the apples & then insert the sticks. "I helped" he said...he's so funny lately. ;)

By the time they got home from school, the apples were ready, nuts were chopped & the caramel was all melted & gooey...

Miss O jumped right in (do all kids look this wild after a full day of school?!?!)...Big O was right behind her...they dipped the ENTIRE pile of apples for me & did a GREAT job...they LOVE to help in the kitchen!

I think we have found a NEW holiday ritual for our's not Christmas without making cookies for Santa, now it's NOT Halloween without a bit yummy caramel apple dipping!

These also made some really cute little teacher gifts & fun treats for E's Mother's Day Out class too!

If you've wanted to try making these yourself, these were REALLY easy to do!


The Dodd Squad said...

What a fun and neat thing...I've never thought about making Caramel Apples. I'm going to have to remember that one! Baby Boy is due in March...not soon enough!! You guys look like you are doing great and I just loved Olivia's Halloween costume. Keep in touch!!

Kim Sue said...

I wanted to make caramel apples but I offered and my child who ALWAYS wants to do a project said "I don't like caramel apples"...okay...does that mean you don't want to make any. "I don't think so"...what?

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