Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Blog WARNING...Lots of Pictures!!!

Honestly, I can't begin to describe how much I love where we live!
We found this hill & were SUPER LUCKY to sink our teeth into it before it actually went up for sale on the public market (thank you, Darrel). We built a home for our family to grow up in and after almost two full years, we are still certain that we NEVER want to live anywhere else!

This past week has just been a treat! Everywhere you look from our backyard the signs of fall are peeking out at you. The weather has been incredible...crisp, sunny, 85 degrees...there's NO WAY you can get me to stay inside! The past four days around here it's been all about OUTSIDE!

We have tilled, hoed & planted a half acre of spring bulbs...I know they will be beautiful when we get ready for our family egg hunt next year. We've rode on the riding toys, played & just can not drag oursleves away from the incredible's almost like watching God painting his enormous canvas!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic fall month too!
Happy Wednesday!


shannon said...

that looks heavenly!!! WOW what a gorgeous piece of property you guys have. Love your header picture!

Mary said...

Wow! What a view! It looks like the whole family is enjoying it, too.

KayEllen said...

What a wonderful family you have:)
Love all the leaves turning colors!

What a cute puppy too!


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