Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kiss & Tell?

I'm sure Big O wouldn't, he's such a gentleman...;)
but, I WILL...LOL...& I'll tell you that there are so many pictures & today was another 85 degree, perfect fall day here...not a lot got done (inside anyway). We broke out the tiller & got some dirt ready to plant bulbs (we're country knew this, right?). The kids & I are home for fall break this week, so that's our big goal of the week (other than sleeping late & eating ice cream for lunch). ;)

Here are a few that I've gotten through so far....out on the beach with our pals E & C (LOVE these boys!!)...we had such a fun time, we are already planning to stay next door to each other next year so we can house hop & have sleep overs (and Jen, we're going to beg you guys come too)! ;)

Be back to share more tomorrow!


Kim Sue said...

jealous...I think I have already said it, but if I haven't I was definitely thinking it!

michelle @ sweet mady's said...

great pictures! it looks like you all had a fabulous vacation. thanks for visiting my blog :)

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