Friday, October 3, 2008

Got a Little Crazy...

this week...Ack!
oh, my!

I went to not one, but TWO different Matilda Jane Trunk Shows this week! I tried to be good, REALLY I did! But, this time Denise has outdone herself....EVERY single piece was TDF & I was actually glad for once that most of it was too small for Miss O (ahem, Denise...more puppy dog eyes here for size 8's) ;)...

Here are a few things that I made off with:

Fern in Pink...Miss O's very first Knot Dress...she was absolutely giddy over it!

Gretta in Calico & Shirley Velour Shrug (and did you know they have these plaid shoes at Tar-jay)!

Molly With Envy...Miss O's BIG FAVE from the entire collection...can't you just see her breaking out & being all bad (aka DRAMA) in this one! Bahaha!

For ME & Miss O...Little Girls & Mama Zelda Jackets & Big Brown Ruffles....Ahhhhhhh, I can't WAIT to get this on!!!

These FAN-FABULOUS Olive Velour Pants...(can't remember their sassy name, but knew I couldn't leave without them). This Knot dress was my FAVE, but it only went up to a size 6 (insert puppy dog eyes here)...Miss O was squalling because she needed an 8!

AND....last, but not least...Mr. Lucas...Rockin' Knit Layered Tee for my little man! I can hear him now..."da MY shirt"...he's my little fashionista! ;)

See, I told you I was naughty! Don't you DARE rat me out to Dr P either! You know you're dying, get over to the site & find you a trunk keeper before everything sells out in your size!
I'm off to the pep rally to watch Miss O strut the stuff she learned at Cheer Clinic this week...I'll share that later.

Happy FRIDAY!!

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Jenn~ said...

dying here....stunning stuff and Miss O will be just darling in all of it!!! can't wait for pics :)

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