Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Fun...

Baby, it's COLD outside!!
I can not remember it being cold like this around Halloween in a LONG time!!
SO long, in fact...I have weeded out ALL my Halloweenish SWEATERS. You know, the ones I wore back when I taught school...those crazy Michael Simon sweaters with all that stuff on them...that was me 10 years ago...(oh, OK...I STILL wear them on holidays...just not the Halloween ones because I got rid of them...now shush!). ;)

It was pretty cool & windy this weekend too, so we had to do our annual "Carving at Grandma's" in the kitchen. We had a busy one filled with birthday parties & visiting with cousins Rachel, Michael & Zachary...whew, we had so much fun!

Big O had been up since 4:30...he went on his first hunting trip with his daddy...I'm not saying men are stupid...but I am saying that don't UNDERSTAND getting up in wee hours of the morning to go sit in the woods & freeze your arse off...I just don't, sorry...
(anyhow, he had fun...baha)

Isn't Zach a cutie, I would KILL to have eyelashes like his!!

E was SO excited over the FIRE inside the pumpkin...."dat HOT!!", he said!! LOL

Miss O having one of those glorious Saturdays where she dresses herself & doesn't BRUSH HER HAIR...can you say RATS NEST!?!?
Good Grief!!

The kids & I made caramel apples yesterday after school...I'll share pics tomorrow, it was really fun (messy, alas...but fun)!

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Jenn said...

FUN FUN! I haven't actually ever carved pumpkins with my kids (I know...somewhat shameful isn't it?!?) Maybe we should do that this year?! Looks like all the kiddos had a blast!!

take a bow Jenn

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