Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I recently got this coupon in the mail for a new online grocery store called PLUMGOOD Food. Since I would rather go have a root canal than have to go to the grocery store, I PROMPTLY signed up!

The site had nearly everything I would buy at my regular grocer, TONS of local vendors listed & the prices were really NO different than where I usually shop...some were a bit higher & some were a lot cheaper!

Plumgood promises that if you order by 11 PM you WILL get your groceries the next day (and I did), free shipping if your order is over $50 AND free gifties if you refer others! Everything was packaged to perfection...my frozen items were stiff as a board, my dairy items were nice & cool & my BREAD arrived in perfect form...I was MUCHO pleased!!

Well...Since they don't deliver to my zip code on Sat/Sun, I spent the entire weekend making out my grocery list ONLINE...every time I thought of something else we needed I quickly came to the computer & just added it to my buggy! Over the weekend I mentioned it to my cousin, so SHE signed up too & put my name down as who referred her to their site...when I did my checkout on Sunday night they gave me a FREE PINT of Ben & Jerry's (oh, yeah baby!!!)...
So, if they ship to your area & you hate going to the grocery as much as me...;)....you should try it out! Be sure & add me as your referral...Ben & Jerry's is Dr. P's fave! LOL
We thought it was a Plumgood Deal! ;)

BETTY Update: It's been seven days today...I don't think she will come back. :( But you know, she was NOT our dog to begin with...if you remember me blogging about her arrival. I guess she just needed some love to help her along her journey...I just hope she is safe, she sure was a sweet girl.

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