Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remember THESE?!?!

Oh, my word!
I was looking for some fall transition shoes for Miss O online this morning when I caught myself thinking how VERY, VERY nice it would be if the folks down at the GAP would bring back an old fave....
Remember these?!?!

These were *THE* shoes...I bought them for Miss O SEVERAL times back in her pre-school/toddler days, they were *THE* Cutest Darn Little Shoes EVER & went with EVERYTHING!
I miss those things! ;)
I was happy to see that they are still circulating on EBAY...there were a couple of pairs listed that had light/scuffed up toes & YOU KNOW you can mix a bag of Denim Blue Rit Dye & touch those little darlings up with a small sponge...I do WISH they came in Miss O's size still, they are SO DARN CUTE!!

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