Sunday, August 17, 2008

Party Animal...

Whew, fun times!
Yesterday was another wild one!

Big O had football practice from 7:30-10:30 (am)...then AGAIN from 4-6...seriously NAPPING in between! Miss O, Little E & I all went to a fun birthday party for one of E's friends at 4:00...he just happens to be a "Mr. E" too!
Happy Birthday, Ethan! ;)
The kids had muches of fun playing in the backyard, riding the riding toys, running thru the sprinklers, jumping on the trampoline, climbing on that monster swing set, chasing each other with plastic light sabers & shooting grown-ups with water guns (wait, that was just E...). are a few shots from our fun evening. The first two are of our dear pals "Miss T", "Mister T" & "Mister E; Birthday Boy"...then my E who is VERY excited to see one of his friends. :) (two T"s & two E's...put those kids together & you've got some serious TEET...*snicker*...ahem, where's my coffee). Oh & both my E & birthday E are wearing custom initial tees made by my pal, Amy of Tote & (you can see MY E on Amy's front page in the cowboy tee).
The rest are fun water slide pics & the last shot is my gorgeous mommy pal, Jennifer...she is the truest of sweethearts.
Do Enjoy.... ;)


Kim Sue said...

beautiful pictures...looks like a fun evening

Amy said...

Oh what fun! One day I want to show up at a party you are at...I feel like I would fit right in because I have "meet" so many of your sweet friends.
The boys look great, it warms my heart and your photography is blowing my mind. Love it!

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