Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Miss O & I are completely SMITTEN with this fun, new brand....ME TOO!

I bought this cute little crab print dress dress (the pic is of the tee version) for her a few weeks back because it looked FUN & was on sale at a great price...she has asked to wear it EVERY day! It has washed up GREAT, I am really impressed with this SUPER cute, Euro Inspired, totally AFFORDABLE brand!
The only problem I am seeing with this brand is that it is HARD TO FIND larger sizes...they do go up to 10 or 12, but they are very hard to find! I found a HUGE selection of Me Too at The Silly Wagon. If you know where I can find more PLEASE leave me a note in the comment box, I am just loving it! And, I just ran up on THESE (pic below)...HOW adorable & so VERY POPish!!! :)

1 comment:

Jenn said...

oh my goodness....what CUTE stuff!! I had never heard of that brand before?!? Gotta keep my eyes out from now on! Thanks for the tip ;)

take a bow Jenn

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