Friday, August 22, 2008


ALREADY! Whoo-hoooo, Go Green!!

Last night was Big O's first Middle School Football is their only EARLY game this season, so I made sure I took Big Daddy with me to get some shots of my guy in action! This team consists of 5th & 6th grade students and I was VERY SURPRISED to see how much playing time Big O actually got last night...he did a GREAT job!

Here are a few pics before the game actually started...I think these little guys were a wee bit NERVOUS!! ;)

here are a few Big O action shots...he is #88....I love these of him coming around after the QB...he did GREAT, I was so proud of him!!

and then there's Miss O...I believe she is smitten! She was ALL about watching the little cheerleaders last night & asking WHEN she would be able to do that...oh, boy...I'm starting to fear that where I think my life is crazy right is actually just the CALM BEFORE THE STORM! I'm going to need a personal assistant when all three of my kids are in the social circuit! LOL

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