Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Day, Horray!!

Yesterday the kids went for a half day to get to know their schedule and classrooms, today is the FIRST FULL DAY of school!!
Yeah, 1st & 5th grade here we come!!!
We rested up over the weekend, however Miss O & E got a bit ROWDY while we were jamming to Kenny Chesney in the living room on Saturday night (my kids love to jam, LOL)....and LOOK what happened!!!
So, Miss O is very excited to show off her moola from the tooth fairy & pranced off to school wearing a new dress that I recently made for her (one she claimed is SO comfortable, she "felt like she was naked"...ROTFL)...
Here are the little darlings eating their traditional First Day of School Pancake Breakfast...Posing for a few shots together. I can't get over how much our landscaping has matured in just one year (that frist one is last year's pic in the same spot)...amazing!!)... & I have to add that Betty has been getting on Smokey's nerves lately...just look at this wee dog fight going on!!


Amy said...

So cute!
And I am totally jealous that you guys can wear sleeveless tees and flip flops to school!! GASP!

BTW, The O's uniforms that you sent to Abby fit her perfect this year. :)

Jenn said...

Aww how fun!! The dress is darling...I LOVE those Baby Lulu knits...I had a hard time cutting into them they are so yummy LOL!!

Hope they had a GREAT day!!

take a bow Jenn

Kim Sue said...

how much they grow in one year :)

Heather said...

Oh how cute they look! They look so excited!
Yes, we're jealous about the sleeveless tops too..It's 105 here and Eva has to wear sleeves. Phooey.
BYW, Eva has the same pink mug with her name on it (I about DIED when I saw an Eva something)!

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