Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Weekend!

Holy Cow!!
What a weekend!
Friday was my mother's was ALSO my fur brother & sister's birthdays as well. We gave mama these two pugs last fall after her dog, Lil Penny passed away & didn't even notice on their papers that they shared the same birthday as their beloved new owner...needless to say, mama thinks it was a match made in heaven! ;)

I don't know WHAT happened to me on Friday at the BYOB (bring your own BONE) birthday get-together (can't take credit for that...mama was the brainchild behind that theme)...I totally never picked up my camera!! Maybe someone will send me some pics, I can't believe I did that!

Saturday was just a lazy day around here trying to recover from our first full week of school & Big O having a 3 hr football practice early on Saturday morning....I'm so glad we rested because YESTERDAY was just one fun filled, BUSY kind of day! We were to tickled to have my brother-in-law's family (remember my sweet niece, Drew) AND our cousin's family come spend the day with us by the pool...great visit, tons of wild kids & yummy steak for dinner....It was SUCH nice day! Here are a few shots from our fun afternoon...I know some kiddies were hitting the pillow hard last night, WHEW!

1 comment:

Kim Sue said...

love all those cute kids with huge grins on their faces!

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