Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We took the kids to the County Fair on Sunday evening. Our schedule is SO jam packed this week that was the only night we could work it in. We picked the PERFECT evening, it was BREEZY & there was NO big crowd to wade through! I could NOT believe our good luck!!

We are very lucky to have such a GREAT County Fair in our area. It has won awards & has even been suggested as being THE PLACE for our state to relocate the STATE Fair...that's really cool!

E stayed at Nana's house while we went. That's the downside to having a great Fair....the mass of people who travel from all over the state to visit! Last year the crowd was SOOOOOO horrible & I saw on the news that the Saturday night attendance reached nearly 100,000 PEOPLE....AH, we decided not to take him out of fear of LOOOOSING the little Houdini...
I felt so guilty while we were there because it wasn't very crowded...I think we are going to try to go back Saturday morning EARLY & let him ride some kiddie rides.
IF we do, I will be sure to take BIG DADDY with me...this WEEEEEE camera is NOT going with me any where else, I MEAN IT!

Here are a few shots from our fun filled evening!
Miss O was turning her nose UP at the kiddie rides...Oh, mercy! She was a bubble of energy naming off all the BIG rides that she was going on!! This is the one she BEGGGGGED to go on...she finally talked her daddy into taking her...UGH, SCARE ME...even Big O was too fraidy cat to ride it:

and here she is getting off....harhar

but that didn't stop her, she rode at least 6 more HUGE, scary rides (like this one)....

& THIS WAS HILARIOUS....I took THIS shot while we were waiting in line...I thought "oh, fun...I call our oldest son Big O on my blog & my hubby's name begins with an A...here he's got a stamp on his hand that says BIG A"...and then I looked at it again & REALIZED that everyone doing the hand stamp at the fair that evening was the VICTIM of cynical "CARNI-HUMOR"....*snicker*...I had to laugh!

and here are a couple more on the big rides before the sun went down...
after that we focused on FAIR FOOD...bbq, corn on the cob, cotton candy, ice cream, frozen lemonade, chocolate covered strawberries & funnel cake...OMGosh, someone please hand me the PEPTO!!

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Jenn said...

OMGosh...that shot of the ferris wheel is TDF!! What fun times!! You guys are always up to something fun!!

take a bow Jenn

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