Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back to School Weekend!!

WOW, what a weekend we're having!
We went to a Back to School Swimming party last night & got to visit with LOTS of new & old friends. We were UP & out for early morning football practice at 7:30 am...getting ready to head over for the EVENING version at 4 (two practices in one day...I know some folks who will be hitting the pillows hard tonight!)...
We are getting ready for 1st & 5th grades...oooohhhh, the odd numbered grades are ALWAYS the hardest ones!
We registered & met our teachers on Thursday...Miss O was a wee bit nervous until she saw her BEAUTIFUL 1st grade classroom & talked to her VERY pretty new teacher...Big O was all excited until he found out that his homeroom teacher is MARRIED to his football coach (*double gulp*)...looks like expectations will be a bit on the elevated side for him this fall. ;)
I've been looking for my back to school shots...they are hiding somewhere on this computer! I did find this one from last year...both my lil darlings have grown so much since then! I'll be sure & share a fresh one from their very first day on Monday!
Happy BTS Weekend! :)

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