Friday, July 18, 2008

Well, it's over...

One LATE, late night game & one FLAMING HOT game and the boys are out.
The game before us on Wednesday night was running behind (let me emphasize BEEEEEEEHIND....)...started at 6 pm...we were supposed to play at 8 pm...our game FINALLY started at 10:30 pm (I said PM). It was WAY late & honestly, how do you expect boys to play their best when they have been waiting around ALLLLLL day long to play like that!?!
Needless to say, we took our first loss. Yesterday we played at 2 pm & really should have won this game...but the poor guys were just worn OUT (ahem, & the poor parents were a wee tired too) & the heat was unbearable...we lost by ONE point, bringing our season to an end. The boys placed 8th out of 60 teams in our state, not too bad for a team that took 2nd place in the District (did I mention our district's 1st place team went home on the second day of the tournament??).....we are SOOOOO proud of these lil guys!!!
Way to go, boys!!

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melbytoast said...

Congratulations to your little guy on a fantastic season!!


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