Wednesday, July 16, 2008

State Tournament UPDATE

UPDATE, Update!
The boys are still in the winner's bracket of the State Tournament & play again tonight at 8 pm. We came home last night, but will be heading back up the mountain again this evening. We are supposed to take our rental car back this afternoon & get the precious bus back (and Dr P is SO grounded from driving it too....).
Here are a few shots from yesterday's sweat fest...ahem, I mean ballgame (those poor boys were NOT used to playing in that kind of heat, it was ETERNAL). E was charming ladies of all ages & finally settled in with a group of big sisters of our team...Miss O was ALL about hanging out with those big girls. You can see them enjoying THE ONLY SHADY SPOT available at the ballfield...whew! Those poor girls, E had them wrapped around his little finger SO BAD!! ;)

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