Saturday, July 26, 2008

Matilda Jane...Oh, My!

It's been SO quiet here for the past week...we've been RELAXING, hard! Both of my older kids were whining yesterday about how BORED they were....
YES, Mission Accomplished!! ;)
Their boredom let them to the idea of selling lemonade in the front yard, AND offering painted, Pet Rocks for adoption as well...I believe I got exactly what I wanted out of this relaxing week...two kids FORCED to play together & get along! YEAH!!

And...LAST NIGHT, was TOTALLY the cherry on top!
I don't have pictures to share, because this was a NO CAMERA event.
But, it had lots to do with THIS:
I was invited to a Matilda Jane 2008 Fall Premiere Showing in Nashville (my hubby thinks this has something to do with how much $$ I spent with them this spring, *gasp*

I got to visit with MY precious trunk holder, Leslie (the blonde below)
met tons of MJC trunk holders...who were the MOST FUN & totally the most gorgeous girls ever...I saw the AWESOME, awesome FALL 2008 goods (oh, my poor husband's wallet)...and most excitingly, I MET the MOST Incredible Denise DeMarchis (who, **I was delighted to find** was the SWEETEST & totally a fun person to be around...I am looking forward to running into her again).
We got to meet her guys...her sweet hubby & those PRECIOUS little boys, AND got the 411 on her amazing company, starting way back in her furniture painting, I think she needs to write a book about's amazing what a bag of animal crackers & a diet coke can do for you! ;)

And....Just as I was about to walk out the door two inches off the ground...high on MJC enthusiasm, Intoxication from Gorgeous Clothes & CHOCOLATE...Denise GIFTED all of her hostesses...everyone received a take out box containing something DELICIOUS & they were all's what I took home:

and I thought I couldn't be a bigger fan....I am TOTALLY smitten with Matilda Jane, probably forever now! ;)

Thank you, Denise & team!

I had THE BEST time!!


Heather said...

Green, GREEN I say! You lucky dog!

Jenn said...

OH MY....can I come too?!? That sounds like such a BLAST! I'd love to get some MJ stuff for Anna for do I order it?!?!

take a bow Jenn

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Jen, you can email Leslie at & tell her what size you need & she will be able to tell you what is still available from the spring collection. The fall collection starts sometime next month. :)

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