Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It looks like I'm a Football Mom Again...

Well, we have hardly put our baseball things away & FOOTBALL season has taken off like a rocket here at our house!
Big O played rec football league in kindergarten & first grade when we lived in Arkansas & those were some great times! It was well organized & the structure was SO good for our WILD little boy (we still love you Coach Wilke)! Since we moved home, we have been way too busy to fit it into our crazy life.

Well, NOW it's impossible to avoid...I can't believe it....he is finally old enough to play for the SCHOOL football team & I am a nervous wreck!! Y'all send me some good vibes, I am totally going to need them!

Here are a few shots from our earlier football days...what a sweet lil guy he was (and MISS O, mercy...she was just a baby)!

1 comment:

Kim Sue said...

:) wow there wasn't any break for you guys was there! boy it is really hot for football. well actually it is really hot for anything.

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