Friday, July 11, 2008

And THIS is What Happens

When your dear hubby is ON THE PHONE, not paying attention while driving... *sigh*It's going on TWO weeks now (and still one more to go)....waiting to have it fixed & I could have taken a darn nice, little vacation for what it is costing mend my precious bus. On the flip side, I have saved money on gas this summer...(snort)...I'm just glad that it was such a minor accident that it didn't even deploy the airbags, no one was hurt & that's the most important thing. I would say that when HE sends you a message about your life like this one, you really should pay attention & take a listen! ;)


melbytoast said...

Sorry about the crunch sweetie! Such a bummer :-(


Heather said...

Tsk tsk, Dr. P! I guess it's not illegal to phone and drive in TN. ;)
Glad nobody was hurt!

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