Friday, June 27, 2008

WHAT a great book!

I am a HUGE Gone With the Wind fan!
I have probably read that book 20 times in my lifetime & don't plan to stop there! I enjoyed the sequel to GWTW, Scarlett also. I have even gone on to read several other of Alexandra Ripley's historical fiction novels...Charleston & On Leaving Charleston are my MOST favorites (if you like GWTW you will LOVE those two)!
I just finished reading a newish book by Donald McCaig, Rhett Butler's People. I somehow missed this book coming out last year, so it's brand new to me! I was tickled to death to find that his novel IS authorized by the Margret Mitchell Estate, UNLIKE some other books that have come out over the years.

If you are a Windy fan, you simply MUST make time to read Rhett Butler's People. I LOVED this wonderful, wonderful book!
And DO make time to visit their website, in the Yellow Scarf Archives...(the yellow scarf, OMGosh...what a stab in the heart)! There's lots of fun info there...especially the Wit & Wisdom from Rhett:
“ There I was, innocently napping, and when I sat up, my eyes lit on theloveliest girl I'd ever seen. And she hurled crockery at me! ”
& be sure to take the quiz..."Are you a Scarlett or a Melanie"....I was a Scarlett, no surprise there! ;)


melbytoast said...

I am a GWTW fan too!!! In fact, I bought "Rhett Butler's People" for MYSELF for Christmas last year. I was imensely pleased--I thought it really tied in with GWTW and Scarlett, all three of the stories flow together beautifully :)

And I'm with you...I don't imagine I'll EVER stop re-reading those books!!



Kim Sue said...

jumped over from my sister's blog - Kacey at Doodlebugs - and saw your book review. read this a few months ago and loved it. read so much that i only keep the rare book but this one went on the shelf right beside my copy of GWTW :) can't wait to read more on your blog and please come on over and visit me anytime. i try to do a monthly book list mostly so i will finally have some kind of record of what i have read.

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