Friday, June 6, 2008

Long Live the Might Acorns!

I have been so excited about the goodies that I ordered from Matilda Jane! (you must click on that link & listen to the fun tune, btw)
Olivia & I got matching hoodie/ruffle pants & tanks to wear this fall. I also got a couple of pieces from the new BOYS line that they have this spring, I LOVE them...they wash up SO WELL & look so stinkin cute!!

E was way CUUUUUTTTEEE at the ballgame last night (that is until he figured out how to UNBUTTON the top of these shortalls...I'm going to have to stitch them closed I guess...lil turkey)! You can click on that first pic to see it larger (in case you need your dimple fix for the day) ;) I am on my way back outside to do some yard work, just wanted to share some quick shots of my guy...he is GROWING like a weed!
I'll post more about last night's ballgame later (still have to edit pics) was SO exciting & I'll give you a involves a TROPHY! ;)

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