Friday, June 13, 2008

A Little Bit of Pain...

What a rough week it has been, I'm so happy to see Friday!
We've had a little bit of pain at our house this week. Mine started last Sunday morning after I awoke with "the day after" muscle pain from working out at the gym for the first time in ages, then followed with me pulling a muscle in my BACK on Monday picking up E...Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday were just a blur of ooooowwwwwwwwww...
MERCY there is hardly ANYTHING worse than back pain! It's better this morning, thank goodness!

I would have to say though, the only thing worse than BACK pain would have to be HEART PAIN....sadly, we've had some of that this week too..:(
Earlier this spring Big O signed up to participate in our local 4-H Chicken raising project...they give you 26 baby chicks in March & you raise them, then bring them to sell at the County Fair in August.
he asked, I said NO!
(now, honestly who do you think would be caring for these, ME!)
he asked again later, I said NO!
he waiting until the DAY the permission slip was due, asked again & I said NO!
he went back to the bedroom and asked his daddy, he said YES & signed it! (AHHHHHH!!)

So, for those of you who know me in real life I'm sure you've patiently listened to me ramble on about the story of "THE CHICKENS" Dr P is notorious for his elaborate ventures around our house...(it's about comical, except for the part where IT'S NOT!) LOL!!
As annoyed about them as I have been, Owen has been the perfect father hen...he waters them twice a day, keeps their area clean, keeps them fed...I honestly had forgotten they had even taken up residence here. I have been REALLY suprised & totally proud of his hard work!
Well, sadly...our neighbors down the road have a BIRD DOG...we've had problems with her coming over here & swimming in our pool & she seems to ONLY show up when O's put the chickens out in the yard (in the cage still) for some sun. Sunday we had to run her off, as she was attacking the cage.
Then on Monday morning, I had to leave real quick to take Olivia to camp. O put the chicks out for their morning sun before it got too hot out...we were not gone for 30 minutes!
We returned to the MOST CRUEL sight a child should have to see...animals that they cared for with their own time & loving little hands...slaughtered!! That dog (we think, didn't see her, but it was probably her) came while we were gone & broke down the door to the cage & KILLED every single one of Owen's beautifully, well cared for birds! It's going to take a while for me to stop hearing my sweet, sweet boy's wailing sobs in my mind...he was totally heart broken & I was totally unable to save him from it! :(

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