Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feeling Crafty!?!

Just today the girls at 5 Minutes for Mom started a new summer idea thread!
You can visit their site daily thru June 18th and find a NEW summer idea to keep the "I'm bored" whinning at bay!
Big O went to a birthday/sleep over/swimming party, so I 've had one less person to entertain today. I'm excited to report that Olivia & I just completed today's suggestion, now we've got little E down for his nap & we are heading out to swim just us girls! ;)

And we STILL don't have a name for THIS DOG!!!
(and DO admire that lovely landscaping there...MATT, when are you coming to play in my yard!??!!)
and my sweet friend Jenn had her baby yesterday, sweet Samuel Ellis...he is PRECIOUS,*sigh*!!

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