Monday, June 2, 2008

BACK online, whew!

I am finally getting back online.
Those sweet techie guys built me a new that they claimed has so much memory they would be SHOCKED if I ever used it all up (& they didn't look like they were shocked easily, so this computer must really be a big daddy). LOL

Well, let's see...I have several things that I want to write about, school is finally out, camp & swimming lessons started today & I have TONS of end of the year pictures to go through & edit, I think I will start with the BIG thing that has happend to our family this past week!

Apparently, one of the kids have been praying for a new pet. Living out in the country, you get a lot of people just dumping animals out on the side of the road. We think this is what has happened to our newest family member, this beauitful boxer (with no name still, we're working on that...Evan was nameless for a good 18 hours after he was born...we are not good at picking names).

She has recently had puppies & the poor thing is very thin. We put a collar on her after a couple of days of her visiting just so the animal control wouldn't come after her. She acts like she has lived here forever, the kids love her to pieces & even Lil Smokey is warming up to her some (he is terribly the jealous type).

Here are a few shots of Big O (who I personally think is the one who has been doing the praying) & our new NAMELESS dog. If you have any suggestions on names be sure & leave a comment, we would love to hear them! :)
(& I LOVE this licking shot, she is a real sweetheart)


Kim said...

Sounds like Victor finally has an ally in the Pryor house!!!

Heather said...

Oh, she is precious! She looks like she fits right in.
I think you should name her Matilda Jane. ;)

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