Sunday, May 18, 2008

Super BUSY Weekend!

Wow, I don't think we have had one this busy in a long time (and there's still another day to go)!
We started off Friday night with a ballgame (which was rained out, but not until we were all dressed & half way there did we know...ugh) & a fun BIRTHDAY party for our sweet pal Mallory!

Yesterday, the ballgames began at 10 am, home for lunch & then Olivia & I were off to a PAIR of birthday parties (we hit three total this weekend), while Dr P took Big O back to the ballpark for his 2:00 game & sweet Grandma lounged by the pool here at our house while she waited for E to get up from his little nappy. (THANK YOU, "Maw Maw"!!)
I took "big daddy" with me & did get a few fun party shots & one especially nice one of Olivia in a knit play set that I made her this week. I finally found a GREAT (free) tank top pattern & finally managed to get over my fear of sewing KNITS for her & made this one for "testing purposes"...
I am proud to say that this set survived the ball park, the dirt pile in our yard & the Tony the Tiger jumper at Emmy's party & still washed up nicely last night. I'm going to adjust the pattern, as this one turned out a wee bit too big at the neck. She was pleased to receive many compliments yesterday, so I think she won't mind if I make her a few more of these.
While we were out partying Dr P texted me to let me know that Big O smashed ANOTHER homerun over the fence, right over center field! AH! Baseball season has turned out to be very exciting at our house this year!
I think we are going to stay home today, we are all exhausted & could really use a "day of rest" (ok, I'm probably going to sew...but that's relaxing to me). ;) Hope you all have a restful day too!

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