Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Queen of the LAST Minute

Rides Again!
I've GOT to stop this, it is setting SUCH a BAD example for my kids!

Owen has this MAJOR project due tomorrow (one that was assigned back in EARLY MARCH...ACK!)....and here we have waited until the weekend before it is due to get it all together...I'm so ashamed of myself! :(

Well, part of the project (there were SIX parts) was to visit a location in your state & write a little bit about it & include pictures of your trip (as well as brochures, etc). We chose to visit the Stone's River National Battlefield in Murfreesboro.
I'm so thankful that the weather was so nice, it was really something to see...especially on such a pretty day. Some 38,000 men lost their lives on this battlefield in 1862. It was such a beautiful, peaceful place to visit. They had tents set up and people dressed in period attire. They even had a mock medical tent set up (you can see the men laying on the ground under it) to show how they cared for the wounded during the battle. It was VERY interesting! If you're into Civil War history, this place is WORTH the drive!

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