Sunday, May 11, 2008

One VERY Happy Mother! ;)

A few weeks ago my sweet hubby asked me if I would like to go to the Grand Ole Opry to see a show. I'm a pretty big country music fan & had never been, so I said "SURE!"....I looked over the Opry schedule & picked May 10th to go because I knew that Carrie Underwood would be there & I just ADORE her!
I told him that would be a GREAT Mother's Day gift...honestly, I had NO IDEA just HOW GREAT it was actually going to be!
Here are a few shots from our EXCITING Adventure last night at the Opry, I was SUPER comfy in my new Matilda Jane tank & skirt....AND rockin' Merle Norman Lip Pencil Plus that stayed put ALL evening long...THANK YOU, Leslie!! ;)

Dr. P was able to get us BACKSTAGE passes to this particular show & heavens, we were rubbing shoulders with STARS within five minutes of our arrival! Right off the bat we were all huggy with that cute little (and I do mean little, I could not get over how skinny he was) Dierks Bentley. I do enjoy his music, we saw him in concert two summers ago when he opened for Kenny Chesney. He was sugar sweet & was in no hurry, talked to all of us...he was just adorable!
Then we wandered around & explored the back of the stage, there were tons of people back there getting ready for the show. We were given seats RIGHT ON THE STAGE, seated behind the drums. I sat there for a little while when the show first started, but Dr P had wandered off & after a few minutes I decided that I had better go make sure he wasn't getting into any trouble. I AM SO GLAD that I did, because (holy carp) LOOK who Dr P was all buddy-buddy with out in the hall:THE MAN, Mr. Garth Brooks himself. Mercy me, he was SUCH a gentleman. Back when I taught school I had a student whose father played the drums for Garth (back when his career was at it's peak) & they always went on & on about what a great fella he is. I proceded to tell him all about it and I tell you he listened to EVERY word, did not act like I was boring him in the least. Then he was all huggy for our picture & I just snuggled right up...Dr P had to come over to see about was SO funny because Garth was like "can I help you, sir?" & Dr P was all "that's my WIFE, man".......BAWAHAHAAHA! Ah, after that we got to SEE Carrie Underwood heading out to sing...she walked right past us (and look at ME grinning like a dork-wad embrrassing!!). We then snuck into the little side room & watched Carrie be interviewed by the CMT crew & when they were done we were able to get our picture made with her (which didn't turn out very good because the light was INTENSE in there). She was so GRACIOUS & even MORE beautiful in person! Dr P was SO GIDDY & EXCITED, it was absolutely hilarious!!Now, this entire evening was an ABSOLUTE treat & will go down as one of THE BEST Mother's Day gifts EVER! I'm looking forward to spending the actual DAY of Mother's Day with my kids & my own mommy. I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day too! :)


Amy said...

OMG Mandy! My heart starting racing when I saw MY man! I am huge Garth Brooks jealous! And Woohoo, Dr. P gets major points!

that*funky*boutique said...

Oh my! How fun!!! Glad you had a great time and bonus that it turned out to be so much more than you probably even thought!

Happy Mother's Day, Mandy! said...

I actually watched this on tv last night!!!!! Sounds like a great night!

melbytoast said...

SO FUN!!! Look at you snugglin' up to Garth *sigh*. No wonder you had such a great time! That should keep you smiling for a few months :)

Happy Mother's Day!!


Erin said...

wow how exciting!!! I love Garth Brooks, he's from my hometown :)

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