Friday, May 16, 2008


It has been brought to my attention by a member of my husband's immediate family...(after this particular individual peeked in here at my blog to see our country music super star evening)

that *I* have "WAAAAAYYYY too much time on my hands" (that's a direct quote, BTW)...(those of you who know me in real life can already SEE me doing the skunk eye here, can't you!?!).
Well, before go off on a tirade & I invite this individual to slip HIS (as you KNOW a comment of such ignorant proportions would only have passed between the lips of a male)...hairy toes into my beloved leopard print flip flops (the official go-shoe of Mama Precious™) so that HE can find out just HOW MUCH free time this busy, rat racing mama of three really has.......
I must say THIS to him....then, I will also say THIS...(especially that one, LOVE it!!) ;)
**And for those of you who really do wonder HOW I have time to do it...I usually blog (in a wee 15 minute slot) in the morning right after my kids go to school (Dr P does the morning shift since he's going to work anyway) & right before E gets up (since nothing else gets accomplished until he goes back down for his afternoon nappy). Blogging is REALLY not a big deal & not that time consuming at all.**

OK.....SO, with that out of the way I will move on to something more FUN....Tres Fun, Actually! ;) My sweet pals Amy & Heather have put together is incredibly fun site in honor of all things FUN! If you get a chance, do check this adorable site out (and be sure to leave comments so that you can win prizes). Hope EVERYone has a very Happy Friday! :)


Amy said...

haha! I love that how do you have time comment. I LOVE that you have time to blog Mandy because I LOVE seeing pics of the kids and well an occasional picture of my secret lover Garth Brooks. (shh!)

It's all about making time for things that you like to do:)

And yeah, Tres Fun! hehe Thanks for the shout out, you are always so sweet to us:) hugs!

melbytoast said...

The hubbies just don't seem to understand that our itsy-bit of computer time is what keeps us SANE!

Just dare Sir Hairy Toes to ban you from your laptop for one week and let him witness the raving lunatic that you would most certainly become. That's all it would take...suddenly he'd be begging you to find MORE blog-entry time (while he does the dishes, folds the clothes, and darn the wool stockings). heehee

(((hugs))) Kristen

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