Friday, May 9, 2008

Biopsy Results...

Biopsy, gosh I HATE that scares the sheet out of me!
Well, if you read my SOAPBOX entry awhile back you know that I was going in to have some places looked at.
My doctor removed all three spots & sent them off to be biopsied............NINE ETERNAL DAYS LATER I have finally gotten the results (if you only KNEW how hard I worked to stay busy all this time to keep my mind off of it...I TOTALLY had to take a NAP today after I got home from the doctor...oh, my word!) was GOOD NEWS....NO Melanoma. HOWever, these two particular moles did show signs of irregular cell tissue that COULD HAVE turned into Melanoma in 10-15 years (PEOPLE, can you imagine...had I NOT gone & gotten them cut off!?!?). The one place on my forehead IS Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and I might have to have MORE tissue removed to be sure that it is completely gone.
SO, I'm hopping OFF my Soapbox now & I HOPE that this entry scares SOMEONE enough to go get their "weird looking" moles looked at. I KNOW I am going to be even MORE careful with my skin & my family's in the future!

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