Friday, May 23, 2008

Adventures at Stingray Reef!

WHERE did the week go!?!
I haven't had much free time this week, life took off like a run-away wagon & I have been running behind for the past five days! I'm SO looking forward to a BEAUTIFUL Memorial Day weekend filled with a little yard spiffing, tilling our garden (better late than never), shopping for patio furniture, finishing up a bathroom project AND squeezing in some Little*Precious sewing orders....WHEW!

The big event this week was Olivia's field trip to Stingray Reef & the Aquarium restaurant! What fun we had!! Thank goodness Nana was available to keep was QUITE a busy trip with all those kindergarteners, he would have been lost in the shuffle (if he wasn't in the fish tank swimming with those sting rays that is!!)....

I'm trying something new. A friend suggested that I upload my pictures to my picture host instead of the blogger & they would be bigger (and I could share MORE, since the blogger only allows 5 per post). Here we go, pics from Sting Ray Reef...we had a WAY cool time!!

LOOK at this buggar, coming right up the side of the tank to eat the wee shrimp that they gave us...splashing & carrying on! The kids were screaming & squealing, it was so much fun!!! Here's a good YOU Tube video (not mine) showing how it's done.

(this is one of the teacher's brave hands...haha)

I LOVE this one...even blurry, you can see they were tore up over these ocean critters!!

(can you believe how TALL she is getting, I bet she has grown 6 inches this school year)

I think I'm just going to have to take "Big Daddy" with me from now on, this silly little camera that we bought to take to Disney is not taking very good pictures...& that will not do, NOT at all!!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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