Friday, April 25, 2008

Warning: SOAPBOX!

Ok, the sun is OUT it is another BEAUTIFUL day here!
It's a perfect opportunity for me to hop up on my SOAPBOX!
It was about this time last year, I started blogging and reading the blogs that my friends have. One of my dear friends, Trudi took the time to blog about her experiences with SKIN CANCER and I am SO GLAD that she did (thank you, Trudi!!).
To make a long story short, her story encouraged me to go get this tiny spot on my forehead checked out. Well, my dermatologist determined that this TINY spot was a PRE-SKIN CANCER and removed it quickly with a PAINLESS little procedure (all in the same visit, quick/no biggie). I have recently noticed that this SAME little spot has returned, so it's BACK to the doctor for me! I also have two moles (that I didn't have the first concern about) that I am having removed. He is not really all that concerned about these two, but is going to do a biopsy on them just to be sure that everything checks out ok with them.

I have been out in the sun my entire life, lots of times getting burned because of NO SUNSCREEN!!! (my mother says we were too poor for sunscreen, bahaha)....I will also admit that I have used a tanning bed in my (stupid) high school years. I am regretful that the ignorant choices of my youth are catching up with me and I HOPE that my putting on my big girl panties & DEALING with it will help and encourage some of you guys to do the same!

DON'T be a fraidy cat, make an appointment and get ANY weird looking freckles or moles checked out ASAP!! If *I* can go get it seen about, I KNOW you guys can one is a bigger wuss than I am about doing to the doctor!!

Here is a LIST of recommended products to help protect your skin. My girls will be so excited to see the offical make-up of POP!, BE is HIGH at the top of this list! ;) You can also visit the Skin Cancer Foundation for more information about what to look for or be concerned about.
Ok, I hope this helps SOMEONE....I'm off my soapbox now! ;)

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melbytoast said...

You are SO right to pass along this important info! My father died from melanoma cancer and that caused me to re-think skin care/sun exposure for myself and my kids. Thanks for spreading the's a message everyone needs to hear, again-and-again-and-again.

(And your soapbox photo was a hoot--even serious issues need a light touch!)


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