Friday, April 4, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

I think men just really have to have a hobby! My sweet hubby is trying very hard to get back into fly fishing, after making THE OFFICE his hobby for the past few years. I understand his frustration about it, really! If I don't CRAFT often, I go CRAZY!!

Well, he recently found some land out on the river & has decided that he just can't live with out it. Maybe one day we'll build a cabin or something on it, but really he just wants it for the FISHING!

The poor guy eagerly wants my approval about the purchase, so I agreed to make a trip out there and see it. It is a BEAUTIFUL piece of land & I certainly can see WHY he is dying to get it...SO private and peaceful...& way, way out in the woods! It was VERY "A River Runs Through It"...right up his alley for sure!
Here are a few few shots from our muddy visit:

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