Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring is FINALLY here!!

We've had some BEAUTIFUL weather here finally! I got out the other day & harassed the fam with my camera while they were playing in the yard. The rain we have gotten, mixed with three very warm days in a row have turned the entire area into an incredible GREEN! You WILL be happy to know that E is right on schedule! He turned two and in the same week everything in his sight was "MINE!!"...if he were not so darn cute, I think he would wear me out! I guess it's because he's the baby, all he has to do is turn on the dimple action & I am play-doh in his little hands (even when he's pulling my TULIPS out of the ground, ACK)!
Anyhoooo, here's a pic of him wearing this fun little shirt that I found at Kmart the other says "HELLO, My Name is MINE" (it was SO appropriate, don't you think) and a quick one of the gang at play. ;)
and, one of my beloved wiener Lil Smokey (the perfect photography subject). Hope you all are having a wonderful and BEAUTIFUL Spring Season too!

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