Sunday, April 27, 2008

SELF's 2008 Health & Beauty Awards

I'm a HUGE fan of SELF magazine, I read it cover to cover every month. It's always filled with great articles about health & beauty, taking care of the enviornment, taking off a few's a GREAT magazine, I love it!
I have to admit, it even encourages me to get off my hiney & want to look like those super BUFF girls who grace each page...those who are having the time of their lives hiking, riding bikes, playing volleyball, etc...LOL...even if it just lasts a few days...luckily, I do read it every month. (*snort*)
Anyhow....I LOVE to try new beauty products, but trying things can get spendy. So, I wanted to share the article in this month's issue listing this year's 2008 Health & Beauty Awards...THE best of the best & something for everyone! I've already found a few new products that I have tried and LOVE (just as they promised) ;)'s one that I just got last week & I SWEAR I can tell a huge, HUGE DIFFERENCE in how my hair feels! It's John Frieda's Frizz Ease Overnight Repair Formula...absolutely AWESOME for under $5!

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