Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My dear Fur Brother & Fur Sister are featured today on this funny site, Pug-a-Day! These two are my mother's dogs, they are named Elivs & Pricilla (yes, after the famed couple). You can be assured there is a lot of action when those two are around...chewing up stuff & scrapping with each other...they will wear you out!
But, they are so stinkin cute, WHO could stay mad at a face like this?!?! Here are a few shots from the day they joined our family back last October, they have really grown!
If you have a second, pop over to PUG-A-Day & leave a comment for them. Their Mama Pat would be glad that you did ;)


Anonymous said...

LOVE your pups!!! Tell Mama Pat she has the best around!!

Heather said...

Those are the puggiest pugs! I love their names. :)

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