Monday, April 7, 2008

Lunch With Princesses...

If you're a parent of a little lady, chances are you have not been able to avoid the "PRINCESS" phase. Thanks to Disney capitalizing on the "Disney Princess" merchandise, it is EVERYWHERE now!

Well, Olivia has always been a huge princess fan for a very long time...and I had heard that the Princess Experience at Ariel's Grotto was second to none....SO, down it went on our list of "MUST DO" events on our Disneyland trip! I'm kinda sad to report that the "Princess" phase has passed here at our house (& the food at Ariel's was not too tastily...blech)!
On a happier note, the actual meeting of characters was pretty fun. The princesses were beautiful and charming...most of them were very gracious about the fact that Olivia was decked out in FULL Cinderella (she had obviously chosen her fave here).
Olivia wore a gorgeous gown made by ebay sellers Blue Bottle Designs. (please note that is will double as our HALLOWEEN COSTUME this year as well, LOL). Kristen and her mom are a fabulous team. The gown's arrival was almost as exciting as the event itself! It arrived in a box filled with magical wrapping and pixie dust, accompanied by a beautiful Cinderella frame to display our favorite memory in. It was quite ENCHANTING! ;) If you're looking for costumes or just flat out FINE QUALITY boutique garments, I do recommend that you check them out on eBay AND on etsy!

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melbytoast said...

Good morning Mandy! I just found this post with pics of Olivia in her Cinderella gown! I was so excited...I had to drag Mom in here so she could see too. Your little girl looks simply RADIANT!! You captured so many joyful moments...she's going to treasure those pictures forever. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your magical memories!

Kristen (and Grandma Carol)

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