Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ladies & Gents, the Rat Race Has Officially

BEGUN! Whew! The practices have been going on for a few weeks now (ok, well trying to anyway...we've had tons of rain). This week it's official, BALL SEASON HAS BEGUN here at our house! Owen's first game was Tuesday night and tonight is Olivia's first game. Evan & I are going to be eating ball park hot dogs for next six weeks (blech!) and living out of the back of our vehicle like we're on a non-stop tailgating party...yee-ha!!

Here are a few of my big boys on their way out for the big game. Last year was my husband's first year to coach Owen's team, he LOVES it and I am so glad he decided to set aside the time to do it again! So, now you know...if you can't find me anywhere else, go look at the ball park! (and look at mr. man all excited & ready to go wearing his new converse baseball tennies...he is too funny)

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