Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's BIRTHDAY Time at our house!

It seems like with the more children that you have, time goes by much faster with each one...Our first child was a baby FOREVER ...we slathered in baby & soaked up every minute! The second one was a baby for a second before we packed her up on a military moving spree & then she got BIG way too quickly! And now our third...tisk!

Babyhood is BLINKING by & his baby scrapbook is still in the original cellophane wrapper (baaaaaad mommy)!

Well, believe it or not...
Mr. Man is TWO today!

Here he is all cleaned up in the hospital ALREADY looking quite charming!

Last year on his birthday, 12 months old exactly.

and NOW this past week getting Birthday pictures in his snazzy Lovemyapril/ToteandTee

2 Tee & Birthday Super Star Pants (look for this pairing on eBay soon).

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! :)


Amy said...

Happy Birthday sweet little E!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday today little E-Man.....take it easy on you mom today....heheheee


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