Friday, April 18, 2008

I think I'll Move to Disneyland...

I'm missing it badly!
I would give anything to trade this tailgating, rat racing, ball season for another week at the Disneyland Grand Californian! (well, that is if I could just *poof* myself there...plane rides are scaring me these days)

Here are a few more shots from our fun vacation last month (that, yes I am still trying to get edited). I'm still laughing over Owen & Olivia arguing over that pirate guy...she was insisting that he was the REAL Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow himself (but of course he is plainly NOT, but none of us felt like arguing with a five year old except he is totally pizzed in that picture because no one defended his argument...hey, I'm not the police sorry).
And please don't laugh too hard at Dr.P & Vader down there....bawahahaaa!!

1 comment:

melbytoast said...

Love all of your trip photos! They sweep me away to Disney...and that's the happiest way to start my day :) Your family is ADORABLE!


Kristen (BlueBottleDesigns)

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