Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Breakfast with Tony the Tiger?

I think we have a little artist on our hands!
I was reading Shannon's blog the other day & she was sharing a picture that her daughter had drawn of her and her husband. It was TOO cute! Her post got me to thinking about a picture that Owen drew of his beloved parents when he was about the same age (and trust me, this drawing looks JUST LIKE us!).
I've always thought he had some natural artistic talents....and then he came home with this BOWL that he freehand painted at a friend's birthday party last week! I think we're going to be taking some art lessons this summer, this kid is REALLY good!


shannon said...

that picture is soooooooooo cute!!! It brought a smile to my face, I can only imagine how it makes you feel!

Heather said...

Hi IS really good! High five, Owen!

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