Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ack, am I a copy cat!?!?

I was browsing on Silly Wagon this morning when I ran across THIS set made by liliputians NYC...I have NEVER, EVER seen this set before (nor have I ever heard of this designer either)...I Promise, Cross My Heart! But, yet it is so very similar to a set that Amy & I just recently collaborated on:
Now, do I think she saw ours & ran her monster trucks over it to mask the similarities?!??! No, I really do not. But, I just wanted to blog about it this morning because I was SO surprised to see it & wanted to CLEARLY let everyone know that is a TRUE coincidence here (& if it's not, well...I am sorta flattered, LOL)...and also send you over to Silly Wagon where you might find some totally fun something or the other for your own little self...go get your shop on! ;)


Heather said...

We all know you're not a copycat. I never saw the other set before. :)

Traci said...

I know your not a copycat and I personally think your set is much cuter anyway ;)

The Silly Wagon said...

I am certain neither of you copied one another...liliputians NYC is an incredible designer and has been in business for years. She is a fabulous artist and would never copy as she is so often copied herself and despises it. Now I must say I think yours is ALSO adorable and again NO I am sure neither of you did or would copy one another! I am the owner of that crazy little shop, The Silly Wagon and I appreciate you blogging about us! Feel free to offer your readers a little incentive to come shop with us! Our Mothers Day Get yourself something nice discount is 15% and any of our custom made jewelry does take a bit of time to be go, shop, have fun! The code for the discount is GETMADE You do not NEED caps but I wanted it to stand out for ya! LOL

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