Monday, April 28, 2008

Accidently PERFECT!

Yes, by now I am sure you're sick of hearing me yam on about the pictures that Shannon did of my kids. (and...well, that's just too bad 'cause I'm here sharing more) LOL
I got these put up last week & they are PERFECT for this cozy little spot upstairs...& if you LOOK closely you can see how the polka dots in Olivia's shirt tie in so nicely with the polka dots in the little rocker (totally accidental, but totally PERFECT all the same). Never fear, there ARE MORE...but, I'll share those later! ;)

1 comment:

shannon stewart said...

Those look so good!!! You should have gone even bigger ;) LOL I love your playroom, I can only dream of having a room for playtime ... instead of my living room! Thanks for sharing :)

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