Friday, March 28, 2008

"YOU with the Big "O" on your shirt!"

I can still hear the Jedi Master's booming voice now! After sitting through one Jedi Training Session, dear Owen knew exactly what to expect when he was finally chosen from the audience to battle Darth Vader and his evil side kick. Here's a few shots from the "training session". If you're going to Disney with a Star Wars fan, this is an opportunity in Tomorrowland that you do NOT want to miss!Thanks to our pal AMY of, Owen really stood out in the crowd with this awesome Disney themed "O" tee that she made for him. We can TOTALLY give her credit for him getting noticed that morning. ;) It was actually much easier to keep up with my kids when they were all dressed alike in their FUN initial tees!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Oh, anything I can do to help;) teehee

BTW, where is the picture of YOU in your M shirt?

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