Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back from a MAGICAL Vacation!

And it SOOOOOO was!!!!

We just returned from a rather large vacation, the entire fam flew out to CA to experience the MAGIC of Disneyland! For me, it was a magical event from start to finish! I have TONS of pictures & stories to share, no way I can do it in ONE post!

SO, I'm going to start MAGICAL visit with my CAMERA HERO, Shannon Stewart of Madison Ave Photography!

I have been a fan of Shannon's for a VERY long time, she & I know each other from the eBay Boutique scene, but she has LONG since spread her wings & has become a quite famous professional photographer (I am SO proud of her too)!! ;) This past fall I bought her Natural Light Photography Guide & have been stalking my family like the paparrazi ever since...and did I mention that I read her fabulous BLOG page, daily!

So, heading out to CA I KNEW I just had to try & meet her & get her to take pictures of my was an absolute TREAT! I was SOOOO nervous about meeting her, I mean her work is SO amazing & QUITE indimidating (and I AM the country mouse, so it was a bit like meeting the big city mouse....LOL)...but, I was delighted to find that Shannon REALLY is quite AMAZING, absolutely FUN & totally LOVEABLE! I'm looking forward to meeting up with her again the next time visit out west, I know her gang & my gang would have QUITE a visit! ;)

Now, I must share...just a peeeeeeekkkkk of some of the incredible pictures that she took...I hardly even recognize my little critters, they look FABULOUS!! I couldn't get them all in here, so you can see more on Shannon's blog too! (please note that these pictures were used entirely with Shannon's consent)

You're just drooling now aren't you....LOL...well, do get over & read her blog too....the pictures are eye candy in EVERY post!

Thanks again, Shannon! You're the best, girlie! :)

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