Saturday, December 8, 2007

She's as CUTE as a Cupcake!

For sure!
I am just completely smitten over this new Gymboree line, Cupcake Cutie! Every now & then they come out with a line that I just have to create something to match (as their bottom pieces are hardly ever as cute as the tops & tights).

Olivia & I got over to our local Gymbore store (35 miles away, thus the reason I shop online MOST of the time). Normally she could care less about clothes, but she was tickled to death over these fun, bright colors that will cure the "winter blahs" every time you drag them out!

They were smart enough to offer Gymbucks earning time during their Thanksgiving promotions, so I was able to CURE my strong desire to purchase the aqua Cupcake Cardigan Sweater, Tee, Jeans & Hat Set for my neice (since they were too small for Olivia). I also went ahead & spurged on a matching set for my older niece & another fun set for a dear friend's daughter who has a birhtday next, in addition to ALL the goodness that I got for Olivia, it was quite a treat to have all those FABULOUS pieces arrive at my doorstep! It's so exciting to give a good gift like that! ;)
You can check out my matching skirt on eBay by visiting my eBay store. I also have some other pieces listed, a funky Valentine dress & some DELICIOUS fabric to drool over! My sweet pal, Heather of Little*e*designs has matching hair goodness (similar to those seen below) & fun clippies to match this line as well.
You can find them by searching Boutique POP!kids on eBay.

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