Sunday, December 2, 2007

Can't get enough of this FABRIC!

Most of you who know me are well aware of my (near serious) addiction to FABRIC. Anyone just visiting this blog page can plainly see that I have a LIST of dealers who support my addiction. I have tubs, I have stacks, I have an ENTIRE cabinet stuffed full...the CLOSET UNDER THE STAIRS is devoted to my stash...I am not sure there is a 12 Step Program out there that could help me, nor do I think that I would ever be willing to participate in one! It is totally my guilty pleasure, & I REFUSE to give it up! ;)
OK, enough yamming...Sure, I LOVE fabric of all kinds....but, there is this ONE particular print that I just absolutely CANNOT get enough of! The Incredibly HARD TO FIND, long since discontinued Cyrus Clark Euro Bandana print! I wanted to blog about it this morning because the other day I found some, it was a bit pricy (like $15 a yd, OMGosh)...but it's becoming SO HARD to come decided it was a justifible expense (harhar) & spurged on a couple of yards (thinking I might wrap it up for myself & act all surprised & annoy my family on Christmas morning) LOL.
BUT THEN, this morning...just innocently browsing on ebay...I found...this poor seller...who just apparently...did NOT know...the VALUE of this incredible fabric...selling an ENTIRE 9 yard uncut piece...OH MY GOSH, YA'LL....NINE YARDS...I am TOTALLY on CLOUD 9... what an incredible find! LOL
If you're one of my eBay can be SURE that you will be seeing MORE of this fabric this spring, I've already got my little sketch book out & am patiently watching the mailbox for my big NINE YARD piece to arrive!

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