Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Messages in Fortune Cookies...

It never fails...EVERY time we get Chinese food, my husband gets this TOTALLY accurate fortune in his cookie and mine is ALWAYS something lame and stupid!

Last Friday night, I finally received one that I believed COULD BE real! It read: "Tomorrow you will find exactly what you have been looking for." I was TOTALLY excited because I had big plans that next day & couldn't WAIT to find out what it was that I "had been looking for"!!

Well, Saturday came and I found myself down at the new country club in our town attending the Jr. Women's Show with my mother and my mother in law. This was a show put together to benefit the Books from Birth progam in our area & there were LOTS of local vendors set up selling goodies & advertising their products & services. I keep a sharp eye out, because I just KNEW I was going to FIND what I had been looking for!!

You won't believe it, but I REALLY DID find what I had been searching for ever since we moved home two years ago! I have been looking for someone that I LIKED and would enjoy working with to take pictures of my children. There are a few photographers in our town, all men & just not into the kind of photography that I want on my walls...they are all stuffy, with boring props & studo lighting, etc....I want my kids displayed in NATURAL light, BEING A KID!

I can't tell you how excited, OH...I was beyond thrilled to run up on Heather & her wonderful display of pictures...here is a picture of it on HER blog page. She also has an INCREDIBLE website too...Yet to Be Photography & Design!

We met up with Heather this morning to get some pictures of Evan, just being Evan. He had this total Dennis the Menace thing going for him in his little overalls & red chucks, the only thing missing was a striped shirt. I'll be sure and post pics of him when I get them back, I KNOW they are going to be fabulous!

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