Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lil Elvis Aaron...

We recently lost a good dog in our family. :(

Lil Penny, my mother's dog, passed away while we were vacationing at the beach. We returned home before my parents and my sweet husband took care of poor Penny's remains, burying her down by our pond.
I found her six years ago roaming around the school where I taught. She had been dumped off and just wandered around the grounds. Although my dad likes to taunt me and say that I STOLE HER...I was fairly certain that she was an abandoned animal, so Owen & I brought her home. My hubby was adamant, we could NOT have an animal at our house (this is back in the day..haha, my husband has CERTAINLY changed his little tune since then), I took Penny to my mother's house.
She and my Granny bathed her and clipped the mangled burrs off of her. She was a totally differnt dog after that! And of course, from that moment on she followed my mother EVERYWHERE she went!! Penny was just a good old dog. I'm glad she got to spend her final years being LOVED as much as my parents loved her.
Well, the story dear hubby loves my mother so much...he couldn't bear for her to be upset over losing Lil off he went to find her a new PUG puppy! We were pug owners back when I was in high school and my mother never lost her LOVE for those ugly little dogs! She cried when she saw her new pal, but had to LAUGH because my sweet hubby couldn't stand it when he went to pick up her dog...they had TWO puppies left & he just COULD NOT leave one all alone!!!
So, guess WHO ELSE has a new pug at their house now (*sigh*).....
Meet Lil Elvis Aaron....(named after my husband, Aaron and of course THE KING...haha). He is pictured above with his beloved sister, Pricilla Patty and his grandma, Pat.

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